The Greater Toronto Area(GTA) is home to some of the world leading universities known for their undergraduate in Math, Science, Technology, Engineering, Finance and Software Development etc,. Among 37 universities in Ontario, half of them locate their campuses in the GTA region. Their standards and quality of the education with certificates have been recognized and accepted all over the world.


For four major reasons; intellectual concentrations, diversity, growing market and abundant opportunities. With some of the best universities like University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University and the University of Waterloo in the area, 64% of individuals within the age of bracket of 25 to 64 have post-secondary education.

And a lot of them Science, Technology, Engineering or Math(STEM) graduates. Toronto was also named “the world’s most diverse city” by BBC with mpre 140 languages spoken. The tech industry leverages this diversity to ensure that they can gain as many different opinions so that they can foster creativity.

As for the growing market and opportunities, they are strongly tied together. There was a time with individuals with a background in STEM had to step out in the world to find employment. But with the growth spurt in the last decade, employment opportunities kept them at home and community-driven engagement has them drawing more and more talent to the city. Your children would have access to the same opportunities and benefits.

Education in Canada gives your children the upper hand.

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