The school will intake students globally for different grades and subjects throughout the entire academic year. The Embassy of Canada in different countries offer the study permit and visa at different times. We strongly recommend the International Students apply at the earliest.




  1. Students/Parents will send the documents along with the application fee receipt to the admission office for review.
  2. Once the eligibility of students’ admission is confirmed, EHS will send the letter of admission confirmation along with the tuition fee schedule.
  3. Student/Parents will sign and send the admissions acceptance letter and confirmation of funds transfer receipt at
  4. Students/Parents will receive an official admission confirmation letter, and soft copy via email and hard copy via mail, which can be used for visa application.
  5. Once the visa is obtained, contact EHS for further information, i.e Airport pickup, homestay/residence arrangement etc.
  6. Students need to carry their official admission letter to complete the registration in person at Elite Hogh School.

For more detailed information, please contact the Admission Office at +1-(416)-900-7606 or email at

For general information, contact us at