After-school Tutoring

Learning Objectives

  • High school subject foundation reinforcement 5/5
  • After-school practice to improve scores 5/5
  • Reflective learning skills 5/5
  • Problem solving skills 5/5
  • Self –study and evaluation skills 4/5
  • Teamwork and collaborative learning skills 4/5

Course Features

  • One on one or in group of three
  • Designed for students based on their learning progress and learning style
  • Local Senior tutors who are detail-orientated and patient
  • Deep learning and training with test banks from different schools


  • EHS High school curriculum and lesson plan
  • Summary of materials from local public high schools in Ontario
  • Test Bank with general practices
  • Internal tutoring materials summarized by tutors

“After class tutoring investment helped me overcome the bottleneck in my grades”

There is a lot of need in self studying in Canada, however, there are a lot of difficult areas that need teachers’ guidance. The tutor in Elite High School gave me a lot of homework with questions I have never seen before. It really helped me to apply my knowledge to a brand new level.

Brian Barry, Canada