Application Procedures

The school will intake students globally for different grades and subjects throughout the entire academic year. The Embassy of Canada in different countries offer the study permit and visa at different times. We strongly recommend the International Students apply at the earliest.

1. Please prepare all the materials required for application into digital formats. Put them in a zip file and send them to

2.    Admission center will review student applications. Once all admission requirements are fulfilled, students will receive an offer letter with details such as, tuition information, admission schedule etc. 

3. Once students receive the confirmation package, please sign the documents where applicable scan all necessary documents and send it through email to the admission center

4. Our school will send official paper offer, tuition payment notice and admission schedule through express delivery to the address students provided, after we received the confirmation document from the students

5. Students should pay the tuition within the predetermined time and send the receipt electronically to the admission email address.

6. Students use valid passport, official offers from our school, payment notice and receipt to apply for a student visa at local Canadian Embassy

7. Students who successfully get the student visa can prepare to come to Canada based on the admission schedule. For students whose visa are denied, the tuition will be refunded.

8. Our school will provide entry guidance and airport pickup services to students. Please make sure you have all the important documents with you, for example, passport and offer.