We provide many courses at EHS, for example:

  • Ontario Secondary School Compulsory Courses
  • Ontario Secondary School Selective Courses
  • University Preparation Courses
  • College Preparation Courses
  • ESL English Courses
  • IELTS Courses

An Overview of EHS Education Management System

Secondary School Credit Courses

Canada Ontario Secondary school Courses system

EHS open up Secondary School Credit Course admission to Grade 9-12 students, which follows the Ministry Curriculum in Canada.

According to School System in China, any student who complete Grade 8-12 can apply to Elite High school and study in a suitable grade. (The details of the assigned Grade will be decided by the Principle after students submit the transcripts and convert into Canadian School Credits.)

Course Selection Counsellor in EHS will guide new students to choose courses and explain to them the teaching system in Canadian Secondary School according to different grades and circumstance of our students.