EHS School Policies

EHS is known for its course content and academic merits. In EHS, students are rewarded by their academic performance. There are several policy documents that are critical for the success of each students.


It is important for students, their parents and guardians to understand the expectations around the roles and responsibilities of students. Please download and read the EHS Student Handbook by clicking the button below.


Since classes are online at the moment, there are policies and procedures that students must follow. Contents include hardware and software checklists, attendance requirements, rules regarding late and missed assignments, evaluation and exams etc. Download the document to read it.


The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure the efficient, safe, ethical, and legal use of the Elite High School Online E-learning System. This Policy applies to all student users of Elite High School Online Classrooms, as well as users who obtain their access privileges through association with Elite High School.