IELTS Intense Test Preparation Courses

Course Objectives

  • IELTS Speaking and listening skills 5/5
  • IELTS Reading and Writing skills 5/5
  • Basic and Advanced Grammar 4/5
  • IELTS vocabulary 4/5
  • IELTS Test Preparation Techniques 5/5
  • IELTS Test Practice and Mock Test 5/5

Course Features

  • Intensive preparation and training
  • Local Canadian IELTS examiners teach in person
  • Strengthen Speaking and Writing skills where international students are weak at
  • Use the internal standardized test prep materials that IELTS Examiner prepared


  • Individual training in IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Summary of Real Test Questions over the years
  • Mock IELTS test by the Examiner
  • Special training before the test
  • Official IELTS Materials and internal summary materials

“My improvement is beyond my imaginations; I didn’t know I could be a score 8 student.”

I was confident that I can get a 6.5 average in IELTS Academic Test, but I was worried I could not be accepted by Top University because of my low writing (W: 5.5) and speaking (S: 6) score. However, by working with Reza and Ava, I improved in all subjects. I even got a full 9 score in readingI am so thankful for their patience and effectiveness. And I got my offer from the University of Toronto. How amazing is that!

Yuxuan Wang , China