International Language Courses

French/Chinese/Urdu/Hindi/Spanish/Korean/Japanese and more

Course Objectives

  • Speaking 5/5
  • Reading 4/5
  • Writing Application 4/5
  • Listening 5/5
  • Effective communication vocabulary 4/5
  • Communication 5/5

Course Features

  • Multimedia teaching
  • Standardized International Language
  • Proficiency test preparation coaching
  • Everyday conversation practice
  • Native language teaching staffs


  • Basic grammar and vocabulary
  • Comprehensive training in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Situational teaching approach
  • Intense test preparation and mock test provided

Practical French

Level: Beginner, intermediate and advanced level

Hour: 80 hours per level

DELF & DALF Test Prep


  • Designed based on international French test standard
  • Preparation for DELF & DALF, the score can be used for entering French Universities in Canada and immigration in French areas
  • Close to test center, Current Examiner will share preparation tips

Practical Chinese/Japanese/Korean

Level: Beginner, intermediate and advanced level

Hour: 40 hours per level



  • Learning through interests so students are interested in learning
  • Senior teachers who are professionals in simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English will be teaching the course
  • Improve language skills in combination with university curriculum so students can prepare for university credit courses and communicate with native speakers in ease.

“Language study helped me seize a rare opportunity”

My childhood dream was to become a flight attendant. After I graduated from Elite High School I successfully entered a Flight attendant professional program. While I was in EHS, I chose Chinese and Japanese credit course and built a great foundation. Thus when Cathay Pacific came for school recruitment, I stood out and was favored by the recruiter with fluent Chinese as a Korean student. Eventually, I got the intern opportunity! All thanks to my foreign language study in high school.

Yunie Bae, Koera