Campus Activities

There is always something new and exciting happening at EHS! Elite High School will provide you the true, authentic Canadian learning experience that is beyond the classroom! Start your journey with EHS in Canada!

EHS Student Club

  • English Communication Club
  • News Club
  • Writing Club
  • Leadership Club
  • English TV Show Club
  • International Student Tutoring Club

Events & Activities in EHS

  • World Human Spirit Day
  •  Sports Competition
  •  Universities and Colleges Seminars
  •  Thanksgiving Party
  •  Halloween Dance Party
  •  Christmas Decoration and Party
  •  Canada’s Wonderland
  •  Toronto Raptors Basketball Game
  •  Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game

EHS Sightseeing and Travel

  •  Niagara Falls Day Trip
  • Tourism in French-speaking Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec)
  • Skiing and Skating
  • Flowerpot Island Sightseeing
  • Visit to Bethune’s House
  • Algonquin National Park Day Tour
  • Ontario Research Tour
  • Thousand Island Lake Sightseeing

Student Accommodation


Home-stay is the best choice for students who miss their families and new to Canada. Student Service Department in EHS will match the best local family that provides the most welcoming home stay accommodation to meet the student’s individual needs.

  • Close to three campuses
  • Convenient location
  • Different choices for meals
  • Low living expenses
  • Great family environment, loving atmosphere, high-end furniture

Student Residence

EHS school accommodation is the best choice to get to know other students and make some local friends. School accommodation is safe and convenient. There would be school bus picking up students and sending them back. Apartment management office will make sure the students have a clean, safe, and quiet place to be called home. Every weekend, management staff will take students for grocery shopping and help with their house chores. Visiting hours are supervised strictly.

  • School bus pickup
  • Unified management
  • Single and multiple room choice
  • Public kitchen, bathroom and living areas
  • Laundry and delivery service

Comprehensively Support International Students

Online English Level Assessment

EHS provides online English level assessment services to students who would like to prepare for Canadian education standards to determine their English proficiency level.

Rich Student Activities

In addition to students receiving high-quality education in EHS, they have an opportunity to enhance their social life through extra-curricular activities. EHS gets students involved in various non-profit organizations and travelling activities consistently to enrich their student-life experiences.

Multilingual Teachers and Staff

No matter what challenges students face in their time here, our faculties and staff members are trained specialists with skills to communicate in student’s native language and assist your concerns diligently. As a result, students and parents do not have to face barriers in communications. Additionally, parents have a direct communication channel so they can stay informed about their children’s academic progress.

Student Insurance

All international students should be insured before travelling to Canada. According to Canadian law, students must have valid insurance throughout their study abroad. EHS offers insurance for students to ensure their life studying abroad is safe and sound.

Student Life Service

EHS student-life center offers convenient guidance counselling and services to students, including renewing student visa, applying for Universities, student taxing, arranging guardians etc. This allows students not to be over encumbered by the mundane tasks of daily life but devote their focus on education.

English Strengthening Courses

EHS provides afterschool English strengthening programs led by professional ESL and IELTS teachers to help students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Airport Pickup Service

EHS offers airport pick-up services to students who are newcomers to Canada. Additional services include sending students to their home-stay families and/or school accommodations from local airports. This way both students and parents can have peace of mind to adjust to a new environment.

 Academic Planning and Guidance

 Professional guidance counsellors will produce course recommendations and progress reports that provide the most suitable combination of courses. These are catered to students’ academic circumstances and personal characteristics. Additionally, it prepares the students for their future university or college