Student Testimonials

Elite High school is a great place where you can study and gain happiness. Through living in school, I learned to be confident. EHS is like a big family where everyone cares for each other. The teachers are caring too, they care for our grades as well as our growth. I really love my teachers.

In EHS, I learned independence, maturity and team work, and of course English. I gained so many unforgettable memories. Even though I am looking forward to my university life, I don’t want to leave my high school. Not only did I gain knowledge, I also gained lots of joy during the process. I am grateful for my high school life as well as my teachers and classmates.

Andrew Garcia, Columbia

“Encourage me to learn”

EHS encourages me to learn. I completed many courses from Grade 11-12 and gained a lot during the process. Even though I am entering university, the study experience in EHS always make me happy.

Samira Kazemi, Iran

“My improvement is beyond my imaginations; I didn’t know I could be a score 8 student.”

I was confident that I can get a 6.5 average in IELTS Academic Test, but I was worried I could not be accepted by Top University because of my low writing (W: 5.5) and speaking (S: 6) score. However, by working with Reza and Ava, I improved in all subjects. I even got a full 9 score in readingI am so thankful for their patience and effectiveness. And I got my offer from the University of Toronto. How amazing is that!

Yuxuan Wang, China

“VR Learning and 360degree panoramic classroom is so cool!”

My geography course has VR classroom setting elements, the panoramic aerial picture was so impressive. Plus, the teacher’s description, I can easily understand the important knowledge in the class. It is so realistic.

Meek Stefanovic, Serbia

“Volunteer experience made me experience the difference of this country.”

High School Students are not required to complete volunteer hours in China, however, I completed many local cultural activities through school channels after I came to Canada. I deeply experienced multiculturalism in Canada, at the same time gained experience that is beneficial to my university application.

Ruo Wang, China
“After class tutoring investment helped me overcome the bottleneck in my grades”

There is a lot of need in self studying in Canada, however, there are a lot of difficult areas that need teachers’ guidance. The tutor in Elite High School gave me a lot of homework with questions I’ve never seen before. It really helped me to apply my knowledge to a brand new level.

Brian Barry , Canada
“Language study helped me seize a rare opportunity”

My childhood dream was to become a flight attendant. After I graduated from Elite High School I successful enter a flight attendant professional program. While I was in EHS, I chose Chinese and Japanese credit course and built a great foundation. Thus when Cathay Pacific came for school recruitment, I stood out and was favored by the recruiter with fluent Chinese as a Korean student. Eventually, I got the intern opportunity! All thanks to my foreign language study in high school.

Yunie Bae, Korea

Toronto Campus

 I love EHS! Our teachers are outstanding and patient. Staff are friendly. I always have lots of fun studying, and at the same time, improve my English.

Mohammad Ei

The experience I have is the best experience ever! Multi-language environment makes communication so much easier. Not only did I learn English, I also learned other cultures from my classmates!

Andy Saman

Teachers in EHS are the best! They teach well and they take care of us. I am so proud that I have graduated from EHS. You have to come to EHS if you want to enter your dream University.

I made so many friends all around the world in EHS even though I was only here for Grade 12. I would love to recommend EHS to other students.

Kevin Costinze

ESL and IELTS have helped me so much, especially the IELTS courses. It’s intense and taught by IELTS examiners! The course has helped me to reach 6.5 in a very short time. I am so thankful to EHS.

Zixin Lin

I love my school because I have met so many kind people here and I also gained useful knowledge.

Susan Ivonkova

Richmond Hill Campus

Teachers are very experienced. Tutors are detail-orientated. It is so caring of EHS that I can study the things I did not understand after class.

Jonathan Feng

Student services are very thoughtful. We can get help on every aspect of life, including student visas to other stuff. The school takes care of us well. We do not feel single discomfort in a new country.

Ming Jiang

The surrounding is very convenient. The home-stay family is kind to me. Everything is so warm.

Delsi Tulasi

I love the foreign language course in EHS. I learned Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I feel like communicating with people using other languages outside English is very cool!

Ryan Dadoun

I love our English teachers the most. He is strict but humorous, he is very knowledgeable as well. He helped me a lot in improving my writing.

Korean Name

Course selection guidance has helped me a lot. I realized that I have studied all the courses I needed to apply for my dream program. I did not waste my time and energy on courses that would not help much.

Victoria Lim

Newmarket Campus

Our campus life is very rich. We can participate in a lot of community activities. Every year, we would also travel to beautiful places which are very enjoyable.

Donya Flor

I have gone to many famous universities and colleges during a formal summer camp. I have gained experience and useful information on application. It is such a useful experience.

Korean Name, Your Content Goes Here

I am so lucky that I have met EHS. I got offer from my dream university, University of Toronto though studying here. I am so happy.

Jane di Maria

I am very lucky to be able to study IELTS here. It is very suitable for me where the examiner is the teacher. A lot of things that the teacher covered appeared in the test. I believe with dedication and trust in the teacher, IELTS would not be hard.

Filip Tureck, Your Content Goes Here

I have gone through a lot of tests including the ESL test when I came here. I got to know my English Level and recommended majors based on my characters. It points in a great direction for my study.

Balagi Shoaib

There are so many courses to choose from at EHS. I learned a lot of useful information and courses.

Japanese name

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