VR & Online Courses

— Demo Class Example

Course Objectives

  • VR learning experience 5/5
  • Remote online courses 5/5
  • Knowledge reinforcement and comprehension 4/5
  • Front-end education methods 4/5
  • Online interactions 4/5
  • Online homework and practice 4/5


Course Focus

  • One on one or in group of three
  • Course designed with students’ learning abilities and style in mind
  • Experienced tutors who are detail-orientated and patient with students
  • Deep learning and training with test banks from different schools


  • VR course videos
  • Teacher-led online class
  • Ontario Secondary School Curriculum
  • Well blended course design with online to offline tutoring and practice

VR Teaching

     Teaching scope: Grade 9-12 High School Subject

  •         Time: 10-20 hour per subject
  •         Format: teaching videos and synchronous learning
  •         Features
    • Front end learning method experience
    • Lively learning environment
    • Virtual Reality Classroom

Online Classroom

 Teaching scope: English Subjects, and after school tutoring

  •         Time: flexible for students
  •         Format: distance online courses, course explanation video
  •         Features:
    • Students are in control of their progress based on their time
    • Synchronize with school term
    • Learn everything the same to real classroom study

“VR Learning and 360degree panoramic classroom is so cool!”

My geography course has VR classroom setting elements, the panoramic aerial picture was so impressive. Plus, the teacher’s description, I can easily understand the important knowledge in the class. It is so realistic.

Meek Stefanovic, Serbia

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