We don’t have just certified teachers. We also ensure that they are capable of building lesson plans and programs and support better learning. Our teachers teach to build the future leaders of the world.


The biggest challenge in public schools are the students to teacher ratios that result in poor individual attention. We break this and ensure individual attention by keeping our class below the number of 15.


Making intelligent decisions on their courses and the help they may need to improve their grades is not easy for the young and developing mind. The choices are even more overwhelming when you come from an education system that is structured differently.


Most schools simply look at transcripts to accept a student, but not us. Along with the transcripts we also look at the student’s interests and conduct scientifically created behavior tests used by the large organizations and MNC’s to understand their personality.


Think your child has what it takes to go extra mile? Then we have a batch tailored to help them prepare on additional courses and concepts in compulsory and elective courses to do just that. These courses cover the basics of college program they plan to attend and fill in any learning gaps that may arise.

But be prepared. This batch will be intensive


We provide courses all year round. Students could join EHS at any time. Choose admission date that is best suited for you.


  • 98% EHS students are admitted by World Ranking Top Universities and Colleges

  • 20+ Secondary courses that are open for registration yearly
  • Campus locations are surrounded by 5 world-renowned Universities
  • Teacher to Students ratio 1:8
  • 3 Campuses across the Greater Toronto Area
  • 9-12 Grades that are open to Local and International Students
  • More than a hundred students graduated (according to student enrollment in 2019)
  • Small class size with 12 or less students


    Approved by the Ministry of Education Ontario for High School Courses

    The Ministry of Education Ontario requires that a student needs 30 credits in total from a compulsary and optional courses to graduate from high school. The ministry also indicates that the students need to score at least 50% to clear a course.

    At Elite High School we offer over 40 of the 60 courses that the ministry approved and we aim to prepare your children to a grade above ministry expectations to improve their chances of being accepted into some of the most renowned college programs in Canada and globally.


    Grade No. of Courses Type Course Categories
    12 13 University Preparation and Open Math, Science, English, Business, Finance, Canadian and World History
    11 6 University Preparation Math, Science, English, Finance
    10 7 Open Math, Science, English, Canadian History, Arts, Career Studies
    9 4 Open Math, Science, English, Geography of Canada


    Apart from this, we also deliver courses for all 5 levels of ESL to help International Students build ENGLISH language skills to study, work and live in the country.

    Through our university preparation and career studies courses, we help students discover their interests and career trends to find courses that can set them up for a brighter future.