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Best In-class & Online Study in Canada


Elite High School is a year-round private high school inspected and licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ontario under the license BSID # 668539. EHS accomplishes to provide excellence in services and high-quality education to meet the contemporary, as well as, educational needs of students around the globe. It not only manages to run the traditional school but also provides distance education programs in Canada for all students. With our positive environment, EHS gives your child the autonomy to dream. No matter what they set their minds to, they can accomplish anything when considering us. Looking to excel in your academics? We have got you covered with our exciting distance education programs in Canada at their full potential. If you are planning to take admission in Grade 9th up to Grade 12th for online study in Canada and are passionate enough to thrive, then this is right for you!
Our customized and innovative study model gives students the flexibility to:

  • Take one course or as many courses depending on their pace
  • 24/7 access to study material on learning management system
  • Take courses not offered at your home school
  • Study at any time and place
  • Study one or more courses to improve grades
  • All assessments and quizzes are to be submitted online
  • Earn OSSD as an international student or study from your home country
  • Communicate with the course instructor or student guidance counselor anytime and anywhere
  • Take one course at a time to accommodate flexible fee structure and payment options
  • Co-op options to get hands-on practice in your respective field
  • Free of cost study resources on EHS learning management system (LMS) through online learning Ontario

What makes EHS the best online learning Ontario school if you choose online study ?

  • Customised student-centered learning

    EHS is the right high school for your child as online study is a great option in terms of providing a personalized study plan which differs from brick-and-mortar schooling. Students can create a virtual classroom wherever there is a good internet connection. Our school aims high to promote interactive student-teacher sessions. Online learning Ontario provides students with the flexibility to update their skills, explore a new talent or plan a career path at their suitability. Each course is designed in a way to meet the standards of educational curriculum set out by ministry of education Ontario.

  • Supportive school community

    Meet our student guidance counselors who believe in inculcating holistic values and navigate their students through the rigidities of the profession. A professional team of our high school works individually on each student to cater to their needs via free online tutoring sessions. Our student community gathers students from across the globe in one place which enables them to communicate with each other and fosters a healthy intellectual environment. Our schooling provides students to self-evaluate and exercise their digital skills to the fullest which benefits them further in their careers.
    At Elite High School, we believe in nurturing an atmosphere that raises creativity and intelligence for your child to grow.

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