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Student Refund Policy

  • refund-policy-icon-privacypolic1.png Individual Courses and Part Time Students
  • Once the student has purchased a course or courses, no refunds will be made. If you have any questions about Elite High School’s refund policy, please contact an admissions representative. You can review and acknowledge this policy during the enrollment process; exceptions to this policy are not offered.

  • refund-policy-icon-privacypolic2.png Full-Time Enrollment Student
  • For Full-Time enrollment in any grade; a student can pay the tuition fee for one year (8 credits) or more depending on the number of credits the student intends to take at EHS, the date of a student's withdrawal will determine what, if any, percentage of total private school tuition may be refunded. Please note that refunds can take up to 90 days to be processed. The registration fee along with the OEN, OSSD, and Equivalency report paid at the time of enrollment is non-refundable. In some instances, Once the OEN number is issued the student is committed to the full-time one-year credits (8 credits) and can only request a refund for the fee paid for more than 8 credits. For an International student coming to Canada can request for a refund with the proof of denied study visa letter and original fee receipt to request for a refund. In the event of an International student getting a visa refusal there will be an administration charge of CAD 500.

Any additional charges by the financial institution will be automatically deducted from the student refunded fee

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