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Online Class Policies & Procedures

  • online-classes- Class Timetable
  • Refers to Google Classroom with the updated notice of each course (send a request to to get access to the EHS current course timetable: ) Hardware and Software requirements

  • online-classes-icon-privacypolic-png Hardware checklist
    • A computer that runs on Windows 10 or the latest Mac OSX and has up to date virus protection software. Please note: Individual courses may have additional hardware requirements
    • High-speed broadband access (Cable or DSL) is highly recommended. Some programs or courses require more advanced systems. Please refer to the program information page for information on specialized requirements
    • Headphones or speaker and a microphone for in-class conversations and meetings with your professors
    • A webcam (may be required for specific courses)
  • online1-classes-icon-privacypolic-png Software checklist
    • A web browser, such as Safari, Firefox, MS Edge, Google Chrome. Please note: You may need to upgrade your web browser to access online learning tools
    • Various applications are available to all full-time EHS students, including Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Suite, and Trend Micro
    • Adobe Creative Suite includes a number of applications such as Spark, Rush, Premier, Photoshop and more
    • Online teaching tools, including Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams and Big Blue Button
    • Individual courses may have additional software requirements for playing audio or video or other applications. You can also review the list of applications made available for home use on a Windows-based machine
    • Note: Some applications may require you to install Student VPN to access licensed software
    • Software checklist: Google Classroom, Zoom Cloud Meeting, Gmail, Google Drive,
  • online1-classes1-icon-privacypolic-png Attendance Requirements:
    • Success in this course is dependent on your active participation and engagement throughout the course. As such, students are required to complete all assignments by the due date, and to actively participate in class discussions. Additionally, students are expected to:
    • Log on at least three times a week – on the live class days in order to fulfill the learning hours, weekly assignments, assessments, discussions and/or other weekly deliverables as directed by the instructor and outlined in the syllabus;
    • Participate in the weekly threaded discussions, this means that, in addition to posting a response to the thread topic presented, students are expected to respond to each other and comment and questions from the instructor and/or other students; Make sure to use the Individual Learning time (every other day in a week) to do your class review and culminating activities assigned by teacher. Live class video provided in the class Google Drive.
    • If you find that you cannot meet the class' minimum discussion requirements due to such a circumstance, please contact your instructor as soon as possible. Students will not be marked present for the course in a particular week if they have not posted on the discussion forum and/or submitted assignment/essay or complete assessment if administered in that week. Student attendance in online courses is defined as active participation in the course as described in the individual course syllabus. Online courses will, at a minimum, have weekly mechanisms for student participation no more frequently than daily, which can be documented by any or all of the following methods:
    • Completion of tests or quizzes
    • Discussion forums
    • Submission/completion of assignments
    • Communication with the instructor
    • Or other course participation
    • As a component of attendance student email, course announcements and discussion forums should be checked frequently (daily is recommended). The student is solely responsible for checking updates related to the course. Note: nonattendance may affect final marks. If a student fails to meet the attendance requirements, he or she may be recommended for withdrawal from the course. In the case of an anticipated absence, such as military deployment, diagnosis disease, etc., the student should contact the instructor in advance and make arrangements to complete the required assignments. In case of an emergency (illness/accident or death in family), a student should contact the instructor as soon as possible providing documentation supporting the need for any late submission of a graded event. If the student fails to log in online class, EHS has the right to contact the parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide assistance in need.

      Late and Missed Assignments (Ask each teacher about the detail policies of their class requirements and write 2 paragraphs of this section) Live Class Proctoring Exam Policies

      EHS requires all the online courses to have Live Proctoring Exam as the final evaluation of students' achievement. – The course instructor supervises the exam remotely via webcam.

  • online-classes-12icon-privacypolic.png What Is a Proctored Exam?
    • A proctored exam is associated with having an individual (proctor) overseeing an exam and monitoring the students. A proctor significantly impacts an exam’s validity and integrity with airtight invigilation. In case a student violates the code of conduct, a proctor can discontinue the test and report the matter to the institution conducting the assessment.
  • online-classes1-icon1-privacypolic1-png What is Subsequent Proctoring?
    • Subsequent proctoring is when images and logs are captured, and a video is recorded while candidates take the test, like a webcam proctored test. A proctor can later assess whether examinees engaged in illicit activities, based on the evidence from the captured images. Such exams can be taken at a time of students’ convenience. They just have to log in and commence the exam without prior scheduling.
    • Cheating or Plagiarism Policy to be found in EHS Student Handbook.

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