Students under 17 years old can drop in any nearby vaccine center for Covid vaccination. Get your vaccination done before returning to school in September. Class 2021-2022: Community volunteer hours required for minimum 20 hours. Sign up and catch up with your classmates! Summer School Term 1 final marks released. Students please contact your teacher for the updated Report Card. EHS Australia students enrollment starts in August. EHS Co-op Education Program/Virtual Summer Camp 2021 kicked off!

Application Procedure

The school will intake students globally for different grades and subjects throughout the entire academic year. The Embassy of Canada in different countries offer the study permit and visa at different times. We strongly recommend the International Students apply at the earliest. Please prepare all the mentioned documents required for the application


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After you have selected your course, proceed to the payment section
Please provide payment for your selected courses
Select your desired course
Fill out the applicant’ sadmission form and provide the required supporting documents on portal respectively