Students under 17 years old can drop in any nearby vaccine center for Covid vaccination. Get your vaccination done before returning to school in September. Class 2021-2022: Community volunteer hours required for minimum 20 hours. Sign up and catch up with your classmates! Summer School Term 1 final marks released. Students please contact your teacher for the updated Report Card. EHS Australia students enrollment starts in August. EHS Co-op Education Program/Virtual Summer Camp 2021 kicked off!

Faculty and Staffs

Bin (Aimee) Lieu

Principle of Elite High School

  • Certified TESOL/TESL/TEFL Teacher
  • President of Global Education Press
  • Vice-president of Canadian Youth Care Association


  • Chair of International Students Alliance of Canada
  • Vice-president of Women Entrepreneurs NORTH YORK Ontario, Canada
  • Founder and President of Canada E-business Marketing Sources
  • Honoured Volunteer, UNICEF Fundraising Canada Youth Funding Association
  • MBA, MEd of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education University of Toronto

Dr. Ashleigh Molloy

EHS Principal of Honor

  • World-renowned educator in the
    education field
  • Ontario College of Nurses Council
  • Provincial Accessibility Committee -Ontario
  • College of Early Childhood Educators
  • Council -Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education
    Standards Development Committee


  • 2018, St. Louise de Marillac Award for Service in Education, from Niagara University
  • 2018, Certificate: AdvancEd Engagement Review
  • 2018, Nominee: DISES International Leadership Award
  • 2017, Sesquicentennial Medal, Senate of Canada
  • 2017, United Nations Diversity Advantage Project Certificate
  • 2016, Mazerolle Award (OAPCE)
  • 2015, Down Syndrome International Certificate for Outstanding Contribution as Panel Moderator/Speaker at the United Nations WDS Conference.
  • 2015, Appreciation Award from the Filipino Canadian Parent Association
  • 2015, Guatemala FUNDAL Education Service Award

Our talented Staffs

Reza Ashouri

Director Of Teaching And Research

Credibility: PhD from Western Ontario University; Ryerson Master’s degree: Double Major Teaching subjects: include ESL, English, IELTS. Years in teaching: 16 years

Kevin Christ

Director Of English

Credibility: PhD from West Ontario University; Professor in Calgary University Teaching Subject: literature/ drama Years in Teaching: 7 years

PJ Rajendran

AP/IB Courses Instructor

Credentials: Honor’ Bachelor in Science Teaching subjects:Chemistry/ Physics/Math Years in teaching: 7 years

Shervin Asadi

IELTS Examiner

Credentials: IELTS Examiner Professor at Seneca College Teaching subjects: IELTS/English Years in teaching:13 Years

Ava Zhang

IELTS Full Score Teacher

Credentials: Bachelor Degree from University of Toronto IELTS Full Score Teacher Teaching subjects: IELTS/ Japanese Years in teaching: 8 years

Ruogu Wang

Business Teacher

Credentials: Master’s Degree From Em Lyon Business School in France; McGill University Scholarship Recipient Teaching subjects: French/ Business Years in teaching: 6 Years

Our dedicated team

F. Malik

Business Management Executive

Business Administration, Finance, CSC, Commerce & International trade and International Business Law

Tahir Ali

Project Manager

Credibility: Graduated from University of Lancaster (UK)

Kiran Malik

Graphic Department Head

Credibility: Graduated from Fanshawe London, Canada ( Business and information Systems Architecture )

Poonum Roy

Education Department Head

Credibility: Mphill in Cultural studies from national college of Arts Lahore. Teaching experience : 10 year

Our Global Partner

Usman Ghani


Benjamin David






Muhammad Ashar




EHS School Polices

Since classes are online at the moment, there are policies and procedures that students must follow. Contents include hardware and software checklists, attendance requirements, rules regarding late and missed assignments, evaluation and exams, etc. Download the document to read it.

The school strictly follows 0% tolerance on plagiarism, if a student is caught copying others' work, or taking help online then the student will be marked zero. The student is also expected to submit assessments and tasks on time; late work will not be accepted. Download the document to read it.

Ehs school background

Elite High School - Build The Future of Education

The world is all about to change. We, at Elite High School, understand that education around the world with the ambitions of students and their parents is undergoing a critical transformation. In tune with this shift, we, at EHS, have also been making endless efforts to step up and bring transformation to education to ensure the world-class standards of academic excellence. Our expert faculty, supportive staff, and excellent industry advisors help students achieve that extra mile by providing the great education, which students need to navigate and thrive in this exciting and evolving world.

We have three beautiful campuses located in Toronto, Richmond Hill and New Market, Ontario.

7 Campuses
20+ Classroom
Free Wi-Fi
Food Court
Computer Lab
Rooms Student

Certified High School Inspected by the Ministry of Education in Ontario

Dozens of students are accepted by top universities in Canada.

30+ Partnered Universities and Colleges

Top University Pathway Program, guaranteed offers from top universities and colleges

Convenient and Safe Campuses

Close to public transportation, libraries, shopping malls and residential areas.

Multi-language and Multi-cultural Environment

With classes consisting of both Local and International Students, we facilitate a diverse learning environment catering to over 10 languages.

City Geographic Location

The City of Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Being Canada’s economic, cultural, industrial mecca and within close proximity to the USA border.

Small Class Size

Dozens of students are accepted by top universities in Canada.


Dozens of students are accepted by top universities in Canada.

School Facilities

The City of Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Being Canada’s economic, cultural, industrial mecca and within close proximity to the USA border.

After-class Tutoring Services

The City of Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Being Canada’s economic, cultural, industrial mecca and within close proximity to the USA border.

Message from the principal

On one side, it is a teacher’s goal to make them knowledgeable enough to be competitive and curious enough to always seek more learning. On the other side, it is their responsibility to mould students into humble, kind-hearted and persistent adults. I have spent many years in the education industry, looking into the transcripts and talking to students and parents who are anxious to get help during after school hours. Every conversation that I have had led me to see how students do not seem to be getting enough support and guidance on how they can improve their performance in public schools.We aim to facilitate an environment that gives each of the students the individual attention, guidance, confidence and teaches them to be the well rounded successful students.”

-Aimee B. Lieu

Why choose Toronto in Canada?

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to some of the world-leading universities known for their undergraduate in Math, Science, Technology, Engineering, Finance, and Software
Development, etc. Among 37 universities in Ontario, half of them locate their campuses in the GTA region.
Their standards and quality of education with
have been recognized and accepted all over the world.

Why choose Toronto in Canada?

For four major reasons; intellectual concentrations, diversity, growing market, and abundant opportunities. With some of the best universities like the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, and the University of Waterloo in the area, 64% of individuals within the age bracket of 25 to 64 have post-secondary education. And a lot of the Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) graduates. Toronto was also named “ the world’s most diverse city” by BBC with more than 140 languages spoken. The tech industry leverages this diversity to ensure that they can gain as many different opinions so that they can foster creativity.As for the growing market and opportunities, they are strongly tied together. There was a time with individuals with a background in STEM had to step out in the world to find employment. But with the growth spurt in the last decade, employment opportunities kept them at home and community-driven engagement has them drawing more and more talent to the city. Your children would have access to the same opportunities and benefits.
Education in Canada gives your children the upper hand.
City Geographic Location

The City of Toronto is the largest in Canada. Being Canada’s economic, cultural, industrial mecca and within proximity to the USA border.

6 Places you should not miss in Toronto

1.Downtown Toronto
Get on the ground to feel lost in the culture of the city’s top attractions, amazing food, and art venues.


3.Hoteles en Canada Toronto
hether you are looking for luxurious treatment or affordable rooms, there are plenty of choices in the heart of Toronto.


4.Falls view tourist area
Be awed at the splendor of Niagara Falls attractions and take a tour to a fun-filled night with food and entertainment .


5.University of Toronto
Hop on a tour to the oldest university sprawling with an iconic display of breath-taking architectural styles.


6.Parliament buildings
Perched on the top of a hill, these are the major landmark with their glorious gothic architecture and eye-catching.


2.Canadian Museum of history
Disclose the greatest historical stories of the oldest Canada and marvel at the fascinating insight walking around the museum.