Students under 17 years old can drop in any nearby vaccine center for Covid vaccination. Get your vaccination done before returning to school in September. Class 2021-2022: Community volunteer hours required for minimum 20 hours. Sign up and catch up with your classmates! Summer School Term 1 final marks released. Students please contact your teacher for the updated Report Card. EHS Australia students enrollment starts in August. EHS Co-op Education Program/Virtual Summer Camp 2021 kicked off!

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Our Mission

To build an ecosystem filled with knowledge, support, guidance, kindness and collaboration that helps students grow up to be responsible and successful individuals.


Our Vision

To assist students in achieving greater outcomes with their present learning to ensure that the doorways to higher education and success are always open for them.


Our Goal

To guide every student to be the best version of themselves through knowledge and kindness.

The Elite High School is a year-round private high school inspected and licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ontario under the license BSID # 668539. We are proud to mention that Elite High School not only manages to maintain the license to teach students in the classroom, but we are also among very few schools in Canada that successfully secure the license to deliver online classes and grant online high school diplomas to students globally.

Where Have Our Students Got Admission?

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Susan Flor

I love the foreign language course in EHS.

I learned Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I feel like communicating with people using other languages outside English is very cool!

Ryan Dadoun

The surrounding is very convenient.

The home-stay family is kind to me. Everything is so warm.Course selection guidance has helped me a lot. I realized that I have studied all the courses I needed to apply for my dream program.

Victoria Lim

Tutors are detail-orientated.

It is so caring of EHS that I can study the things I did not understand after class.To build an ecosystem filled with knowledge, support and collaboration that help students grow up to be responsible and successful individuals

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