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How to Foster Students’ Attention and Creativity in Classroom

Today, it is very easy to become a teacher because there are so many resources available online like books, training tutorials, free courses, etc. Anyone can be a good teacher but the toughest challenge for any course instructor is to capture each student’s attention and to convey ideas in such a way that it creates a long-lasting impact. Students often find their classroom lecture either too boring or too much information. They do not find enough attention-grabbing material in a lecture and fail to comprehend what the teacher wants to put into words. Perhaps teaching is not the only responsibility; connecting with your students is also mandatory.

How can teachers develop creativity in the classroom? Here are some key points that can help to bolster student attention and creativity in classroom space:

  1. Personalization 

It is very important to personalize what you teach. The onus of education rests on the student rather than the course instructor. It enables the learner itself to identify goals and pace of study and to design a curriculum according to their needs. 

  1. Break down walls

Course work is developed in a way that it keeps the student stuck in a zone that doesn’t allow them to think outside the box. Teachers can develop the course work in a way that can be used to create project-based learning which fosters creativity and grabs attention. Students will, most likely, love what they study.

  1. There is no wrong question and answer

Always encourage students to ask silly and confusing questions as there is no wrong question or answer. Get students to experiment in the form of groups, it enables them to brainstorm and critically think in order to work towards problem-solving solutions creatively. A positive environment promotes students to work through their ideas, as well as, to let them speak out loud without passing any judgments leads them to take interest in studies.

  1. Real-world learning

Demonstrating your classroom lecture with real-world learning keeps the class fresh and students stay active and lively. It will make the lecture easier to comprehend and sparks excitement to learn more.

  1. Classroom environment

A paradigm shift towards prioritising students to think creatively and critically rather than expecting the same old behavior; is a step in the right direction with maximum students coming with problem-solving abilities in new and interesting ways. Your lectures will no longer be boring!

Are you a student and looking for actively engaging classrooms? Elite High School is committed to exercising merit and standard education techniques to ensure your course learning journey is creative yet enhances critical thinking skills in you. Find out more about how innovative our courses are!

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