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A Shift Towards Digital Education with Elite High School

Embark on the journey of E-learning!

The covid-19 pandemic has led to schools being shut since last year and all the educational institutions around the globe started to realize the importance of digital learning. As a result, the mode of education took a toll and changed dramatically, with an exceptional rise in e-learning, whereas, teachers deliver lessons remotely using different platforms.

Even before the covid-19 pandemic, there was a surge in online education with global investment reaching billions in the market. But a significant surge is seen after covid-19 for educational purposes using e-learning platforms whether it's video conferencing, tutoring, learning management system software.

Digital education is a progressive form of attaining knowledge with the help of using digital tools, it's often referred to as technology-enhanced learning or in simple words, e-learning. It somehow offers a command to students over time, place, and path. With the advancement in technology, it revolutionized the chalk and whiteboard procedure of teaching in the classroom to use laptops or tablets making it more interactive.

If you are wondering what digital education is and why it is replacing traditional schooling more and more every day, just hear us out. We have answers to your every question!

Here’s why there is a paradigm shift in traditional to digital education:

  • Personalized learning

The chance to assist students in learning at their own pace and time is the dynamic benefit of e-learning. Traditional schooling creates a void and results in a lack of interest among students especially when they fail to catch up with fellow students. Whereas, in digital learning teachers can customize the pace of study according to each student’s capability and speed.

  • Mentally keen and quick

It is no more just opening a book and turning pages! E-learning tools and technology enable the students to grow effective self-directed skills. They are capable of searching for required online resources and give room to furnish efficacy and productivity. Above and beyond, appealing digital learning happens to build critical thinking skills required for the growth of methodical reasoning. 

  • Self-motivated students

Digital learning helps the students to become more engaged and interested in developing a foundation of knowledge instead of reading piles of a textbook or one-sided lectures that don’t help connect with learning material.

  • Self-accountability in students

E-learning makes the assessment of each student transparent with examinations and automatically generated reports. It helps the student to track their performance in each lesson and come up with a solution step by step. 

  • Doors to more learning opportunities

E-learning opens doors to more learning opportunities for students. They come to know that learning is a gradual process and it occurs throughout various times and places. The students can go through different learning techniques and are able to explore more in their field of interest. However, if they lose interest in a particular subject, they still have the freedom to explore different options for themselves and prepare for the future.

  • Higher rate of engagement

Traditional schooling strictly follows a cycle of going through textbooks, classrooms, and teachers. While digital learning is a kind of blended education comprising technology and knowledge which eventually has a higher rate of engagement. It provides a variety of learning tools like video/ image tutorials, UpToDate articles/blogs, interactive sessions with teachers, community work, activity lessons all in one place. 

  • Track progress regularly

In traditional schooling, parents fail to cope with their child’s progress and lack of interest in a particular subject. This confusion is eliminated with the revolution of e-learning as parents can track their child’s progress day by day and contact the teachers 24/7 via the parents’ portal at learning platforms (learning management systems). 

Do you suffer a hard time studying and keeping pace with classroom lessons? Are you waiting for an opportunity that brings digital learning to your hometown? 

Elite High School licensed by the Ministry of Education Ontario comes to Pakistan intending to provide a quality world-class digitalized form of learning to young minds. 

We have got your back!

EHS at a glance:

  • Over 70+ courses
  • Registration all year round
  • Recognized worldwide certification
  • Start studying within 24 hours without wasting time
  • Self-paced study
  • Certified staff and faculty
  • Teachers’ availability round the clock
  • EHS LMS (learning management system) 
  • EHS parent portal to track your child’s progress
  • Free of cost study material
  • Co-op options to get hands-on experience in the field of interest

What are you waiting for? Go to the website and let your dream come true.


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