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Debunking Myths Associated With Online Learning

Since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, the online learning system has been playing an important role in being the “new normal”. But there are certain misconceptions linked to acquiring education online. Moreover, it has a bad rap because the majority of people are unaware of what it is like to learn online. The truth is that online education is the most convenient and creative way to complete your studies. 

So are you eager to learn online courses but don’t know where to start? The extensive range of resources is overpowering but the system is unfamiliar for you. To top it off, changing your learning pattern is even harder. No worries! We all have been through this, after all, seeing is believing. 

Keep reading till the end and get yourself familiar with the tech-savvy learning system and debunk the myth right away!

Myth # 1: Online courses are less challenging than on-campus courses

Many of you are worried that online learning is not as effective as traditional schooling. But in reality, you cannot Google exams and assignments. There is a lot more insight to it same as in classroom learning. The course material is equally challenging as these are exactly according to the standards of education. What makes the online classroom more challenging?

  • Proctored exams
  • Proper learning material
  • Up-to-date reading pack
  • Accredited online program and certification
  • Qualified course instructor

Myth # 2: Minimum interaction with classmates

You can use community and classroom forums to make friends and interact with them. The more you indulge in using forums frequently, the more it becomes easier to communicate with other classmates around the globe, unlike traditional schooling where you have geographical restrictions and only familiar with a few students. Online learning gives the advantage of meeting new people from all over the world. It manages to gather a diverse group of people on one platform. 

Myth # 3: You are your teacher

Just because it’s not a brick and mortar schooling, doesn’t mean the teachers won’t be available to teach you along the way. It offers unique attributes such as live calls which connect teachers to students regardless of time and place. It enables the teacher to observe your interest, talents, and topics which bother you. You can personalize your lessons in a way that suits your needs. All of these features allow students to actively engage in online classes, which means students are not just listening, they are absorbing the knowledge in several ways. The teacher presents the lesson in various formats and monitors the student's progress step by step. They will guide you through practical and critical thinking abilities slowly. You will have individual attention!

Myth # 4: Students lose interest during e-learning

To be honest, students can lose interest when teachers are delivering a lecture in the classroom or while doing homework in front of parents. It has nothing to do with online education and screen presence, but it is due to the kind of lecture being taught. Teachers can pick material that is relevant, as well as, develop reading material and assignments that initiate critical thinking and research skills. 

Myth # 5: You have to be a tech geek

You can order a cab or food at your doorstep by pushing a few buttons. You can share snaps and maintain threads to communicate with your friends and family. Age or being technically capable is never an excuse for you to not pursue e-learning. We all know that well-planned tech is not difficult to comprehend and does not have too much of an abrupt learning curve. All learning platforms are being continuously improved and built to enhance the student experience. 

Myth # 6: Certification obtained via online education is not valid

An overlooked fact is that graduates via online learning or face-to-face degree programs earn the same opportunity. The stigma linked to online education has itself diminished because most of the people working in higher authorities have themselves earned a degree via e-learning. So they know how it works!

Myth # 7: Parents fail to track their child’s progress

Online study provides parents with real-time and day-to-day insight into their child’s progress through the parent portal. Teachers and guidance counselors are available to present a detailed report at any time of the day.

Myth # 8: Online education is a flash in the pan- won’t be here for long

Online learning is here to stay; it is the way forward in the education sector. Technology is the silver lining in these darkest times of tutoring. Make the most out of it by leaving old techniques in the past and moving on for the betterment of upcoming generations. 

Myth # 9: Say NO to screen time

Honestly speaking, children would easily waste time watching TV shows and cartoons even if they are attending traditional schooling. It is assumed that online classes harm children. Rather than thinking about screen time, it is better to worry about screen content. Online learning is all about searching for “educational content”.

Making learning easy for you…

Now that you have a much better idea of what online learning is by busting myths associated with it. The cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and much more; this just does not end here.

Choose a topic that sparks your interest, schedule a time to include learning into your timetable, search for an online course on Elite High School, purchase a class and watch it wherever and whenever you wish! It is that easy. And don’t forget to keep on busting myths about online learning!

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